Overall: 6
Story: 6
Animation: 5
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 7
Sound: 6

SVELT Commercial

Directed By: Dave Pickett

Genre: Comedy, Parody, Action, Adventure
Length: 0:1:21
Released: July 31st, 2009

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

The Super Villain Education and Leadership Teachery has been a bastion of Evil for over 20 years. SVELT transforms evil-wishers into evil-doers. Isn’t it time you got serious about your Evil career?
Part 2 of 7 of “New Beginnings”

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
Coming off like a late-night low-budget infomercial, this short derives its humor largely from an oddly cheerful voiceover, some humorous shots, and a list of villainous focuses that don't always seem especially... well, villainous. The animation struggles in places, but at under a minute and a half in length, this is an easily tolerable sin. It's certainly not perfect, but this a competent and entertaining addition to the NNN series and certainly worthy of a view or two.

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