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Hop on board the LEGO Minions party bus!

Directed By: Seán Willis

Genre: Comedy
Length: 02:04
Released: April 22nd, 2024

Director's Comments

This year, I have been working on a couple of brickfilms for The LEGO Group, and the first one has now been released! This film did take longer than expected to make, particularly due to the amount of crowd/group shots and the whizzing background going almost the whole time. I like to think that you can feel that I did put love into this, and didn't just make something generic. The Despicable Me 4 LEGO set this centers around actually includes a sticker with a QR code that links to this brickfilm, which I am quite happy about. This was designated as an entertainment video rather than a product demonstration video, so there was room to show and include things that actually aren't part of the set. My hope was that by creating an interior set to shoot in that is quite oversized, it would be hard to mistake it for being part of the actual LEGO set.

Seán Willis - Animator, Story, Storyboards
Martin Prokop - Producer (LEGO), Story
Gilbertson Cuffy - Producer (Illumination)
Matt Nealon - Story, Storyboards
Joshua David Mitchell - Original music
ForlornCreature - Compositing in the bus exterior shots
MindGame - Fish animation
Brian Willis - General assistance
Thanks also to AquaMorph who provided a picture of LEGO fish when I was asking around, before he got mogged by Zach's animated fish element

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