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Overall: 8
Story: 4
Animation: 8
Cinematography: 7
Effects: 6
Sound: 9

tim VS fRED

Directed By: filmyguy

Genre: Action, Comedy, Sci-fi, Parody
Length: 03:20
Released: June 15th, 2010

Content Advisory:  moderate violence.

Director's Comments

Here's the muvvie, guys!

You spoiled little brats.

JUST KIDDING. But seriously, this was a VERY big project, and a big deal to edit. But what I did in that short amount of time was quite a feat. I was editing for 10 hours yesterday, it was less than half way finished (in the editing process) when I started, and I got it done. VERY few breaks in between, and very few breaks for my computer too. I think I might have permanently damaged my speakers a bit from those long hours of sound editing. Let me know what you think of the sound editing, that was the thing I concentrated mostly on you'll probably notice. btw, fun fact! This was originally for the Cannes Lego Video Contest. lol, even if I still didn't know it couldn't qualify, there was no possible way I could edit it in time. Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this because I'm taking a break. You won't see me again for another month probably, I'll be here again when the Avant-Garde Contest rolls around. ;)

Staff Review

In this episode of tim & fRED, we find the two friends battling it out in futuristic armored suits. You can expect some impressive animation in this installment, but surprisingly, one of the highlights is actually the sound mixing. The sound effects are very convincing and add to the atmosphere and intensity of the battle. The story leaves a bit to be desired, but the technical qualities more than make up for it. If you're a fan of Filmyguy's past films, this one will not disappoint.

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