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Winston Picketer and The Cursed Trove

Directed By: Aidan T. Van Horn

Genre: Adventure
Length: 01:00:00
Released: November 22nd, 2023

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language.

Director's Comments

At long last, it is here. With a run time of nearly an hour, and a production process of over a year and a half, Winston Picketer and The Cursed Trove is the biggest project I have ever embarked upon.
Thanks to all the folks who followed or contributed to this film.
(Also, I'm aware of the typo in the opening "Buffalo Brickfilms" intro. I just didn't notice it until the film was published).

Rated PG-ish. Some violence and death, some "mild, crude" language as they say. Nothing too bad though.

Director: Aidan Van Horn
Composer: Joseph Hahn

The General: Jay Silver
Soldier With Mustache: Joseph Hahn
Winston: Aidan Van Horn
Dr. Jeremy: Aidan Van Horn
John Picketer: Jeffery Buggy
Larry: Puskov
Guy In Desert House: Brixie
Everyone Else (Bald Soldier, Masked Stranger, Fr. Harris, Big Bob, Fraternity of The Cave Leader, random police and guards, etc.): Aidan Van Horn.

Editing and VFX Programs: Hitfilm Express and Windows Movie Maker.
Audio Editing: Audacity and Hitfilm Express.
VFX Stock Footage: ProductionCrate.

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