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Overall: 4
Story: 4
Animation: 4
Cinematography: 4
Sound: 5

Spoiler Wake

Directed By: Blackluster96

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Parody
Length: 01:00
Released: May 30th, 2010

Director's Comments

God, spoilers suck. Hazzat/Zoot voiced in it

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
It's basically a not-especially-successful viral advertisement for the recent video game Alan Wake, as you could drop the name of any other video game, movie, or even book into the script without changing things a bit. Strong voice-acting from the director and from Hazzat are enough to prop up an otherwise very average film about a guy who just can't stop himself from giving away the ending of the titular game. It's not going to win any awards, but if you're just looking for a short that will hold your attention for a minute, this one fits the bill.

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