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Averageburg Ep 1: That Time Some Lady Got Decapitated by an Exploding Parrot

Directed By: Max McPhee

Genre: Comedy
Length: 10:56
Released: December 30th, 2022

Content Advisory:  moderate violence, mild language, mild sexual content.

Director's Comments

In this episode, some lady gets decapitated by an exploding parrot. We are also introduced to the main characters: Hingus Badabingus, that energetic green fella from some earlier videos, Janica Diboof, a skull-headed lady with very little will to live, Hingus's boss Seargeant Lieutenant Corporal, the eccentric PI who is very PC (mostly), and Couch Goblin, a creature made of filth that lives in Janica's couch and is also her daughter. We are also introduced to some minor characters who don't matter. Also some stuff happens that one might find humorous and/or amusing.
The thumbnail was done by my sister Gillian.
The credits song is Bonjour Tristesse by Komeda.

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