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Hingus Badabingus and Janica Diboof Meet the Couch Goblin in Janica's Couch and Find a Sock Painting

Directed By: Max McPhee

Genre: Comedy
Length: 02:00
Released: September 18th, 2022

Director's Comments

Hingus Badabingus gets sucked into his boss's ex wife's couch and meets a nasty little creature. He also finds a lovely painting of a sock.

This is an entry to the Bricks in Motion MANiiFEST contest, where the goal is to make unique and experimental brickfilms. This film has a very low chance of winning, but it's fun to participate anyway.
The Couch Goblin is voiced by my sister January. I let her improvise a bit. The audio's not great, and there's some light flicker, but I did that intentionally to be different, because that's what MANiiFEST is all about. I made it bad on purpose, I swear!

Oh, and see if you can find the Easter egg.

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