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Staff Favorite

Overall: 9
Story: 9
Animation: 9
Cinematography: 9
Effects: 9
Sound: 10

The Fastest Funniest Lego Star Wars Story Ever Told

Directed By: Garrett

Genre: Parody, Adventure, Sci-fi, Comedy
Length: 02:13
Released: May 4th, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

(aka Lego Star Wars in two minutes!)

I'm going to go ahead and post this version and link, since it seems unlikely they will get credits fixed soon, oh well, but you all enjoy!  I slaved on this for three months in my bedroom on a 3'x3' table!!  Lego gave me the script and did the audio and cg effects (great job) but everything out of brick is mine, no greenscreen, lots of hours!!!  Thanks everyone!  Fancypants, you rule!  Smeagol rocks!  And Bodville is underrated... (Pagano already knows he's the sh*t!)
-Garrett Barati

Staff Review

Randy Yard:
You don't realize how ridiculous the plot of Star Wars actually is until a parody this brilliant comes along... which isn't often. Admittedly, the director had a bit of help with this one, as both the script and edited audio provided by the LEGO company are major reasons this film is so excellent, but Garrett's contributions are equally essential and twice as impressive. Gorgeous sets (both borrowed and original) and excellent animation and cinematography that perfectly complement the film's cheeky voiceover and overall tone make this one of the best examples of a pure, fun brickfilm in recent memory. Whether or not the LEGO company's backing cheapens Garrett's accomplishment for you is irrelevant--this is a film that directors will envy and viewers will thoroughly enjoy. Click play as fast as you can get your cursor there... the next two minutes are going to be quite a treat.

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