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The Theft (remake)

Directed By: bionicle28

Genre: Action, Mystery
Length: 06:05
Released: May 1st, 2010

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

FINALLY! It is up...this is a remake of The Theft that I made for the talent show in are school. But is was delayed due to snow three months ago and I could not post this for three months! So now it is up...enjoy...

Staff Review

This is a fairly normal heist film. If I described the story to you you'd probably not find it very interesting at all. That is because the story isn't interesting at all however that being said this film does have a very quirky nature. The main character who is a 'hire-a-burglar' has been hired by a sinister character to steal a GOLDEN DINOSAUR from a museum. A dinosaur that appears to be 100\% gold! We follow the main character as he goes through the museum killing guards with a really high-tech pistol that not only fire bullets it can also send explosive fireballs at unsuspecting walls causing them to blow up. Watching this film you feel you want an explosive fireball pistol so you too can steal GOLD DINOSAURS! After the rather routine theft we are slapped in the face with a very strong moral message. Our character is taking to court presided over by one of the coolest judges around - just check his shades out! He soon learns that killing two guards to steal a golden dinosaur is not all that worth it and he finds the cost for taking life away is not worth paying.

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