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Suicide Squad Vs The Undead

Directed By: AJVfilms

Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure, Parody
Length: 01:59
Released: January 1st, 2021

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

The Suicide Squad takes on the Undead in their latest suicide mission.
Let's see who's making it out alive in this Animated Short! :D
Place your bets! ;D

Hey Guys!
So originally it started out as a much simpler idea of some random guy going to an abandoned street fair fighting Zombies because I wanted to try doing clay blood effects and use parts of my broken down Fairground Mixer to make an interesting movie set.
Eventually I dropped the street fair idea and left it as a abandoned city since I put a lot of effort into the city builds in the background.
It was after taking pictures of my DC Comics Minifigures and watching the new Suicide Squad movie, I was inspired to combine both the Suicide Squad and Zombies.
It's a fairly short animation but I wanted to try new things I hadn't done in my previous films before and I'm hopeful that even without dialogue that the little story that is there makes sense.
The music is from one of my all time favorite Zombie movies and it's what I think of almost immediately when I think of Zombies. Like that's their theme song, though the Walking Dead is a close second as well.
The most difficult yet interesting part was animating the blood effects.
I did it more as an experiment since I think it can have it's place in a film depending on the vison. I can tell you that most of my films will not have blood in them if you didn't like it in this one.
It is purely a coincidence that I was able to release this in October since I wanted to finish this sooner but I think it fits nicely,
kind of like an Unofficial Halloween Special. Lol

Anyway, Hopefully you all like it and enjoy the video!
So stay tuned to be up to date!
Looking forward to hearing your thoughts below!

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