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Lego STAR WARS Dark Empire Rising Part 4

Directed By: AJVfilms

Genre: Sci-fi
Length: 06:20
Released: July 30th, 2020

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

During the Rise of the Empire in a Facility on Kamino, experiments are being preformed as part of the Emperor's grand plan...

Hey Guys!
Here's the 4th and Final Installment of my current series:
Dark Empire Rising

It took almost a year to nearly complete for various reasons with the production, effects, writing, and just personal life stuff but I am glad to finally be able o show you all the complete prelude to something I look forward to in the future.
Also this film featured a lot of effects that I was not used to doing before like the Green Screen effects for example which took me a while until I was (mostly) satisfied with the results.
Lots of experimentation this time around.
When I started this series, it was my way give backstory on the Emperor's eventual return in the films but as it progressed it's become a little more than that.
As I continued to add other elements from the Legends material as well as my own ideas to the storyline to really give it more depth while doing my best to make it fit within the current Canon.
Which as of now it still does since I'm not sure if Disney plans to further explain the origins of the Emperor's return in future stories.
Hope you all enjoyed it!

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Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and possible speculation below in the comments!

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