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Directed By: Piet

Genre: Adventure
Length: 03:23
Released: June 1st, 2021

Content Advisory:  mild violence.

Director's Comments

In this lego stopmotion brickfilm a secretetreasure will travel trough space and timerevealing the history of the world. At the end you will figure out the circle of life.
This was an entry for "Steinerei 2021" with the topic "Secret"

The secret itselfe is a macguffin and shown in each time.
First secrets are kept by shamans and oracles. After this it is written at a sealed letter and stored at chests. Then the secretes are written into a map. In modern world secrets are transported first in briefcases and introducing the digital age they could be saved as encrypted files on a smartphone. The last stage is to integrate digital information into a human using a neural link.
Which means after all this ages secrete information are stored and transported linke at the very beginning. Thats the reason why the video is called Circle.

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