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Fullmetal Hong Kong (LEGO Hong Kong protest anime opening) Season 2 [反對逃犯條例修訂草案運動- 動漫開幕]

Directed By: Force Movies Productions

Genre: History
Length: 02:31
Released: March 27th, 2021

Director's Comments

Yet another Lego stop-motion brickfilm animation, this time it is the  second anime opening of the Hong Kong protests about the extradition law, but also about the second phase of the protest This video is also a parody of the anime opening of Fullmetal Alchemist, which I wanted to do for a while.

Fullmetal Hong Kong is second season of the ongoing anime television series, by the CIA, the Chinese Communist Party, with the People of Hong Kong, the HKPF and the Pan democracy and Pro-Bejing camp, set during the civil unrest in the city of Hong Kong.

The story continues what the second season left us with, In 2019, twenty-two years after a the handover of Hong Kong  known as  the Return, some one in Taiwan got wacked. The Secretary for Security is summoned to the city of Hong Kong by his estranged Chief Executive Carrie Lam, Boss and puppet of the special administrative region of Hong Kong, to propose an extradition bill to sent the perpertrator back to Hong Kong, but that also means they had to form the same bill with China, the people's republic one, not the one that is founded by the guy who messed up Sun Yat Sen's dream. Because there can only be one China. But people were hella pissed about it because that also means that people with an opinion could be deported to the mainland. So people went to the streets and when the people went full Rebel alliance the goverment decided to lissen, but it was too late as the protests became more than about that piece of paper.

Unlike the first season that was heavily based on current events, the second season took some certain liberties.

Hope I won't get banned in China
So I hope you like it.

Made for Brickfilm Day 2021:

This does not show my views on anything whatsoever, it is  for artistic purposes and dank memes. Names of actual people and organisations have no involved in making this video.

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