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Overall: 9
Story: 7.5
Animation: 7
Cinematography: 6
Sound: 6


Directed By: Anthony D'Angelo

Genre: Comedy
Length: 01:48
Released: August 9th, 2008

Director's Comments

Winning third place in BRAWL (Brickfilm Rapidly All Week Long), Horse is a comedy about an unlucky knight who meets some interesting characters at the Yellow Castle.

Staff Reviews

Nikolas Jaeger:
In a time when visually arresting brickfilm dramas get perhaps more recognition than they deserve, Horse shows just how satisfying a simple and well-made comedic short can be. The acting is exceptionally good, and perfectly fits the writing, which turns what might be a LEGO in-joke to something accessible to everyone. With a running length just under two minutes, there's no good excuse not to see Horse.

There are two types of good brickfilms. One is when the film-maker sets out to make a good film. The other is when the film-maker sets out to make a good brickfilm. This is the latter. When I watched this film it had a nostalgic feeling which reminded me of many classic brickfilms from years gone by. It captured the right level of fun which makes an enjoyable brickfilm. It's simple yet very enjoyable.