Welcome to the Resources Section! Here you can find articles, tutorials, links and everything that has to do with (making) brickfilms. Got some information to share that isn't in here? Feel free to submit your article!
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The Sandbox - Here you can try out articles: posting them, editing them, deleting them, et cetera.

Inspiration - Get inspired! Take a look at how other brickfilmers do what they do, or read some interviews.

Writing - All you need to know about scripting, storyboarding and all the other stuff you need to do before making your brickfilms real.

Voice Acting - Check this out when you really want to give those little minifigs a voice.

Equipment - The kit you'll need to make your brickfilm.

Setup - Prepare to animate!

Filming - Making the film itself.

Editing - Putting it all together.

Sound - An animation is nothing if it doesn't sound right!

Music - Making music, or finding music.

Effects - Give your films that extra visual "wow" factor.

Windows - Microsoft Windows

Mac - Apple Macintosh

Linux - Linux