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[THAC 8]-Over Ambitious


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This is my entry to THAC 8.  It was my first THAC, and I worked 'till 10:51 PM on it.  It's based off my actual THAC experience, actually. A lot of it really happened in some form or another. The set was very tedious, as it was designed to look like my actual animating space. This entry is checked for Mod elements and is an approved THAC entry. Wish me luck! mini/wink

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Re: [THAC 8]-Over Ambitious

Cool! Pretty funny too  mini/smile

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Re: [THAC 8]-Over Ambitious

I swear, you are getting better and better. Keep up the great work, GoldCam!

Brickfilmer a decade ago, now looking to relive the glory days mini/smile

Re: [THAC 8]-Over Ambitious

I especially love the part with "Wait...WWWHHHAAATTT?!?!?!?", and he knocks down the camera. Great job.