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[THAC 8] The Propelled Man


This is my second successful THAC! And what a ride! Oh boy, this was quite a project. I probably wouldn't of made it in time if I started any later or didn't immediately think up the idea when the theme came (like I did). Special Thank You to Aaron Bulger AKA Jargon for the great narrating! Of course this didn't come out perfect, some of the animation is sketchy, and the symbol on his chest looks pretty quickly thrown together, but really every time I filmed, the first shot I filmed was, in the end, probably the one I was going to have to use, because I was on such a tight schedule, I didn't have time to reshoot anything. And the logo/symbol was really all I could think of at the time. Other than that, I'm pretty proud of myself. This project is quite more "ambitious" than my last one (c wat i did thar?). What do you guys think of the name? I spent a lot of time thinking it up. mini/tongue

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That was great! I always enjoy a filmyguy film!

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Amazing effects (or lack of it...?) Loved its simplicity. 4.8/5

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I didn't notice much technically wrong with this film (it was very well animated and the audio was great) but I'm sad to say that it fell a bit flat in my opinion. There's nothing particularly memorable and whilst it's technically well done, it just feels empty.

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that was amazing unlike mine

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I really enjoyed that. Awesome work.


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Very good film, simple yet amazing.


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Glad you liked my entry, guys! mini/bigsmile