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[Not THAC 8] iPhone Line


The re-edit of my THAC 8 entry. This is not the version I submitted - that was much, much worse.

I created this movie after my original idea (which was much, much better) was lost to file corruption, but I hope to remake that someday!

Regarding the plot, I'm not sure what happened. It was about ambition to start with... I guess this is why you should plan out films before you make them.

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Nicely done! Especially considering what happened with you yesterday.

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Haha very fun animation. I loved the whole concept of people being inpatient in queues and how you over-blown a petty dispute into a full-scale samurai-sword duel. mini/lol

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The best in this video is when that dude takes of my head. Yes it's me lol.
So sad you couldn't enter with this one since it's so awesome.

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The title should've been "iLine".

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Haha, that was awesome. I really enjoyed that.


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I must say I do love your style. It's very original and your camera quality is definitely unique. I didn't get the iPhone 4 so I'll probably be in that queue when the 5th generation one comes out! The animation was as always very nice, and the lighting fit nicely (Especially for the fight scene). Not much else to say in a 30 second film. Very enjoyable, and that's about it. Nothing we haven't seen before from you.

Story: 4/10
Animation: 8/10
Cinematography: 7/10
Set Design: 5/10
Entertainment Factor: 8/10
Overall: 32/50

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Haha I really enjoyed it. Are you going to upload your THACumentary to YouTube?

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HomerBall wrote:

Are you going to upload your THACumentary to YouTube?

I stopped filming my THACumentary at about 5am, when my original movie was deleted. After that I wasn't really looking camera-ready and I wanted to focus on making this. I deleted it all anyway to save memory space. So, no. mini/sweat

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Found the hidden cameo! olol thank you for the hint on BrickCast Hazzat olol.
At 0:02 you can see the singer in "Mega-Phone"... is it supposed to be Parry Gripp? lol

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cool mini/smile mini/smile mini/smile
This is good

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TheCoolDude1023, please don't bump a thread unless you have something worthwhile to say. This isn't YouTube - we want our members to offer feedback and criticism that helps the filmmaker. Four words of praise and a smattering of emoticons is not very useful at all.