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A science fiction crime drama (not reallly a drama) as my entry into THAC 8. (Twenty-Four Hour Animation Contest 8)I think from now one I'm going to stick with films that have little/no dialogue. Then again this was made in 24 hours and looking back it feels like I had fun, but at the same time things were so stressful.

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Interesting. You took on quite a challenge by trying to tell a deep detective story in one minute, and to do that well just doesn't seem possible. The lighting, cinematography, etc. were all very good, but the plot just feels rushed with little time to latch onto what's going on.

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Right I seem to not do so well at plot. I also put it on Flickr and I was told my voice acting could have been better. I agree and I don't really like voice acting in my own films, but this was a last minute resort.

Hopefully with my next film I'll have more time. mini/tongue

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I liked this except for the fact that it felt, like Hazzat said, that the plot was way too rushed. It felt like you were trying to fit as big of a story as you can in such a short time period. The technical aspects were all pretty good, but it would have been much better if the film was long enough to accomodate the plot.

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Very nice! May I ask where you got the bad guy's hair piece? I don't think I have seen any like that one before.