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Assassin's Lego - Episode V: The Treason


Sorry for running late (I'm sick of uploading your video: Three times I've been uploading it! I'd like to put other music but copyright issues din't, so I have allowed it). I think this episode was one of the most difficult of the series. Unlike the previous episode, this fifth installment begins calmer. But the action grows as the story. I inform you that this is the penultimate chapter of the series. Please comment and rate, but above all enjoy it. What will happen to the murderer?

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(I can't believe I'm the first to respond in 4 months - Thanx to the review in the directory, which drew my attention)

Hi there. I enjoyed Your film very much. You seem to have put a lot effort in it. It's well told, timed and animated. Light and sound could need some improvement, but as I said, it's still enjoyable.
Maybe you can recruite some good english voices here and do a translated version? Keep up the good work!

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