Topic: 2021 Brickfilmers Guild Film Festival

The registration period of the 2021 Brickfilmer's Guild Film Festival has begun. The BFG Film Festival is an online brickfilming festival that will showcase some of the best brickfilms of 2021. We invite all BFG members to submit their best brickfilm of 2021. Your entry can be a brickfilm that has already been made, or one you make just for this festival, as long as it is published in 2021. You have until the end of the year to submit your brickfilm.
As it was successful last year, we will again use the larger invite of judges and the shortened judging duration. All judging will be completed by February 1, 2022. Member’s Choice and BFG 2021 Brickfilmer of the Year voting by BFG members will have the same deadline. The list of festival entries will be made available January 1, 2022 in the form of a playlist on the Brickfilmer’s Guild YouTube Channel and judges score cards will be made available on the BFG website.

Main Categories: (Categories judged by participating invited judges)
-Best Story and Screenplay
-Best Cinematography *
-Best Scenic Design (using LEGO or other building bricks)*
-Best Animation *
-Best Visual Effects (Either practical or digitally made special effects)
-Best Sound Design
-Best Original Music Score (must fill in a box with the name of the composer(s) and note if Filmstro or similar service is used)
-Best Voice Acting
-Best Brickfilm of Festival by Single Animator*
-Best Brickfilm of Festival by Multiple Animators

*Must have 50% stop motion at minimum to be eligible for categories (50% does not include title and credits).

If you are unsure if your brickfilm qualifies for Single Animator or any other questions, please ask us here: or on our Discord server.

Extra categories:
-Best Brickfilm that includes the BFG logo will be judged by thefourmonkeys
-BFG Members Choice - All members of the Brickfilmer’s Guild are invited to vote
-Honorable Mention Categories (categories vary each year) will be judged by thefourmonkeys

1. Submit your brickfilm by deadline. The entry form is HERE!
2. Your brickfilm must be uploaded in the year 2021, no exceptions. The YouTube (or Vimeo) video must have a 2021 date. The deadline for submissions is 12:01 A.M. GMT, January 1, 2022.
3. Your entry does not have to be made for this festival, but if you include the BFG logo in the first 5 seconds of your brickfilm, it will make you eligible for the "Best Entry with BFG Logo" category. This category will be judged by thefourmonkeys.  BFG logo can be either the static logo or CGI animated sequence.
Static Logo: … _large.jpg


CGI animated sequence:

4. The principle animation technique must be stop motion or LEGO “brickfilm” inspired CGI. Entries with less than 50% stop motion will not be eligible to be judged in the Cinematography, Best Scenic Design, Best Animation, and Best Brickfilm of Festival categories.
5. Your entry must be under 15 minutes long or be granted a long brickfilm waiver by BFG Advisors. If you enter a film that is over 15 minutes and it is not granted a waiver, you will have the opportunity to enter a different film.
6. You can enter only one brickfilm. No substitutions are allowed after entry has been submitted unless it is not granted a length waiver (see rule #5). It is very easy to enter the contest, but choose your brickfilm entry wisely. You have until the end of the year to enter your film. If you collaborate on brickfilms, the films must be published on different YouTube channels. No one channel may enter multiple brickfilms. A member that was part of a larger collab project will not be disqualified from entering a solo project if the collaboration film they are part of is entered.
7. Violence with blood is allowed. Guns, knives, and all other weapons are allowed.
8. Offensive language will be tolerated, but could hurt your score if not used in a necessary manner or if any particular judges find it overly offensive.
9. No sexually offensive material allowed.   
10. No offensive racist material will be accepted.
11. Use of licensed themes and/or music is allowed.
12. Only Brickfilmer's Guild members may enter. Eligible non-members that enter festival will automatically be signed up for BFG membership.

We will continue the tradition that was started a few years ago. There will be no physical prizes awarded to the winners. Winning and being nominated for anything in this festival is the prize itself, however the winner of "Best Film" and “BFG Member’s Choice” will be added to the list of past winners in the BFG Library. 
If your entry is accepted, your name will be added to the "Accepted Entries" on the BFG webpage announcement HERE.