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Hello fellow brickfilmers. I'm making an independent feature film, "Hi, I'm Growing Up".

"Hi, I'm Growing Up" is a coming of age story that takes a look at the precarious time in a young adult's life post-high school and pre-college - the difficulties of not knowing what to do with your life, the guilt of leaving your family behind, and the fear of impending adulthood. The Protagonist, Mike, finds himself in this position, and over the course of a day, is forced to confront the reality of his circumstances in the form of a farewell speech. Beyond Mike, his entire family deals with getting older. His younger sister Joy is his opposite, an introvert about to begin her final year of high school, having missed many moments due to her intense focus on her studies. Joy must learn balance and find her voice beyond school. Their parents deal with their oldest child leaving home and worry about his direction, as he is set to attend university as an undeclared student.

Any contribution, however small, would be incredibly helpful. Even if you can't contribute, it'd mean the world to me if you could share this with anyone you know who might be interested. Thanks!

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Some selling points!,w_695/v1621542179/gqmg6tou27tjtj7rdq13.png
A BlueCat Screenplay competition reviewer said the following about the script:

"The script has a good sense of humor to it. Though it deals with more psychological and cerebral difficulties that Mike may be having, it still maintains a lighthearted and upbeat tone. The different characters, when put in scenes together, find their own unique dynamic and playfulness with each other. There is a good exploration of the different family relationships that exist within Mike’s family and the underlying tensions that exist within them.",w_695/v1621542200/dss6vxwtbdtvbnvchilc.png

A screenplay reviewer from the Monthly Film Festival said this on the script:

"The story consists of believable characters, mostly because the writer(Funmi Adetola) has invested so much into their craft and development that the characters' building needs to be addressed with great respect. He invests so much in them, as the nuances might come from personal places with the sincerity and courageousness that only great filmmakers could possess.",w_695/v1621544102/ra5vunjbj5w1pdtwzmad.png

Concept Art,w_695/v1626213183/xhvdizvnrg8jzbbo5dgs.png

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Below is a link to a sizzle reel containing footage: … roductions