Topic: Return to Lender [BRAWL 2021]

Return to Lender [BRAWL 2021]

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Released: July 10, 2021
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

The local librarian talks about her favourite parts of the job. Made for BRAWL 2021.

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JAJ Productions/Fruitcake Films
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Re: Return to Lender [BRAWL 2021]

Great film! Fantastic story. The animation is nice and smooth.
Good luck in the contest!

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Re: Return to Lender [BRAWL 2021]

What a lovely entry! Slice of life storytelling is one of my favorite, and something I'd like to see more of in brickfilming. This simple story was so sincere, and yet used some interesting techniques, such as the bus wiping to a closeup of the building, and the books changing in front of the librarian while she moved in real time, creating a juxtaposition of real time and time-lapse that I haven't seen before, and I felt was a unique use of the medium of animation. Great work!

Re: Return to Lender [BRAWL 2021]

One of my absolute favorites of this BRAWL. It really feels like a love letter to the local library. The voice acting was great, and very well written. The animation was very good as well. The ending actually made me a little sad, heh.