Topic: Mama Mia! | A Pizza Extravaganza Brickfilm

Mama Mia! | A Pizza Extravaganza Brickfilm

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Released: July 26, 2020
Content Advisory: no violence, no language, no sexual content

Chef Guido is met with a daunting task. Having to cook a pizza for the picky food critic, the sake of his restaurant is on the line. Does Guido pass the bar, or in this case, the slice?

Made entirely within 72 hours for Round 2 of the 2020 Brickfilm Day Challenge.

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Re: Mama Mia! | A Pizza Extravaganza Brickfilm

Really nice entry to the contest. It focuses on the animation which it is supposed to, and does it so well the joke almost takes a second seat.

Pretty flawless execution of movements and you were able to convey the weight and energy of the chef very well to where it's easy to believe he would be breaking a sweat! Good work and can't wait to see more.

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.

Re: Mama Mia! | A Pizza Extravaganza Brickfilm

Awesome job!

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