Topic: Healm | Brickfilm Day 2020

Healm | Brickfilm Day 2020

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Released: July 18, 2020
Content Advisory: moderate violence, no language, no sexual content

A knight from the kingdom of Kwadap encounters a Countarian Guard. They face. They clash. Who shall remain with the Gonologan treasure chest? One can only find out.

This is my entry into the 2020 Brickfilming Day Summer Contest. 

Special thanks to American Music Composer, Kevin Macleod for
Crossing the Chasm: 

Additional sound effects acquired from

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PaceStudios; Brickfilms Done Right
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Re: Healm | Brickfilm Day 2020

Wow, really liked how the lighting swapped as their blades struck

Yes, it's homemade, fresh from the toaster oven.