Topic: Knightrise | Part 5 (2014)

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Knightrise | Part 5 (2014)

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Jedi learner Ar-Ren Tern struggles with his spirituality as he finds himself in the middle of historic Star Wars events. With the help of others, he wrestles with God and battles new evils, forever changing the destiny of that galaxy far, far away.

Finally we got to the part of Knightrise I was excited about: OT-era, original characters, and utter confusion for Ar-Ren. Poor guy can't catch a break.

I "experimented" here by actually filming the starships moving through space. It looks good for the most part, but is tricky when a ship moves from the plane of focus and becomes out of focus. My camera at the time only had a minimum aperture of f/8 (oof) which did me no favors in that department. The effect still turned out mostly good, though. Unfortunately, to save time, in the rest of the movie I only took static pictures of the ships and animated them in post. That removed the stop motion feel from space battles for the most part. Enjoy it here while it lasts here.