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Lost In the void [BRAWL 2019]


Made in a week for BRAWL 2019.

(also made with minimum bricks at my grandma's house mini/tongue )

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Re: Lost In the void [BRAWL 2019]

Good job.  I liked the twist.

Re: Lost In the void [BRAWL 2019]

Nice work.  For a pretty straight-forward film and minimum bricks, it was still interesting and had a twist. 
I think the main thing that would have really helped it out would have been some more intentional sound design, especially with the minimal set and animation. 
But overall, good job.

Re: Lost In the void [BRAWL 2019]

Bit of a bump, but it's worth it.

Sometimes the most restrictive requirements bring out the greatest creativity. When faced with a minimum of bricks, some wouldn't even try. But I'm glad you did!

The spaceship design looks really good, and the camera angle was a perfect choice to showcase what you did have while perfectly hiding the rest of the ship outside of the frame. Again, noting the nice details, I quite like the exasperated/frustrated little flop at 0:56. It's funny, but also clearly communicates his giving up.

As has been mentioned, a more detailed sound design would have been a great benefit.  Once the music kicks in, it's not as noticeable, but those first few silent seconds could have used some engine noises and beeps in the background.

The twist is a nice touch, even if the dialog throughout is a touch obvious. (For example, the "other dimension" line wasn't necessary, with the visuals themselves making that kinda obvious.)

It's a solid film, and considering the restrictions, a worthy entry into BRAWL!