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Battlefield 5 | Battle of Narvik


A short video of Battlefield 5 in Lego with some first person view action.

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Holy crap, I didn't know you still make brickfilms thijs!

This was put together quite well - the first person effect works very well and gives it that FPS video game feel. I like how at the start when the guy is landing, you still animated what was on the ground. Some of the movement animation isn't very convincing, though. It doesn't always feel like the guy's really walking. Watching the BTS video I saw that you used a pretty bulky camera, and I can imagine it's very hard to actually simulate moving around like a minifig with a camera that large though!

BTW, Watching the behind-the-scenes video was also really interesting. There's some cool stuff in there about the editing process, too. I recommend everyone to also give that a watch:

Cool stuff.

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Thanks for the feedback Bert! Good to see you're still around here mini/smile