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[BRAWL 2018] - STUCK


A spaceman has more than a few moments of 'kairos' when he gets seperated from his phone, and stuck on a little planet. I had a part time job and a few other things so most of this was made in about 2.5 days, hence the shortish length.


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Wow! That was good. mini/bigsmile

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Really enjoyed this one! Fantastic special effects work; I especially love the smoke from his jetpack, and how clean all the compositing is. The animation is super fun to watch as well.

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Excellent work. Were you downshooting onto the set? Did you use greenscreen?
I also loved his jibber-jabber talking.
I'd love to see the sequel where the taxi crashes and he doesn't have his phone.

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This was my personal favorite entry.  The simple yet effective story combined with the gorgeous visuals (one of the beautiful brickfilms I've seen) give this short oodles of charm.