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Whitecap | Brick à Brack Without Voices Entry

The Film

Whitecap was originally created for THAC XV but in the last hour of the contest I decided to shelve the project rather than release the 40 seconds of footage I had managed to create. To make a long story short much of my time was eaten up by conceptualization and set building.

I planned out the reshoots and began animating in late February, this reshoot took far longer then I'd hoped and my planned release date of March soon became May.

I consider this animation to be a sort of spiritual successor to a few of my past ones; it features a snowy landcape much like in Frozen Army, the alien ship uses components from my old TARDIS set, and I've improved on some of the visual effects present in both my Deep Breath and Changing Times videos.

"However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." -Stanley Kubrick
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