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[SHAC] Halfway There


It's been a while.

My entry to the Seventy-Two Hour Animation Contest hosted on Bricks in Motion.

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So good!

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Really nice! The voices for this were great! mini/bigsmile

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I loved that screen effect before the fight! And the ambiant sounds are just top notch.
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I can hardly believe I have witnessed a new BertL film. I love the voice acting.

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nice this was really cool

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Aw thanks you guys! I was really lucky to have my friend Pulkesh available to voice act - he's really good at it in my opinion.

The "screen effect" was actually kind of a lucky coincidence - I ran out of time and had to look for a way to animate REALLY fast without it being too noticeable. It just kind of worked out together with the katana and the gong as a stylized samurai anime thing.