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Wrylus McBurpen Makes Dynamite Soup [THAC XV]


Wrylus McBurpen and his new assistant Spenny start making some dynamite soup, but then they have a little dispute.  Watch it on YouTube!

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Re: Wrylus McBurpen Makes Dynamite Soup [THAC XV]

Well done.  This and Sillypenta's entry may have been very similar, but they are both great entries.

Re: Wrylus McBurpen Makes Dynamite Soup [THAC XV]

DISCLAIMER: My reviews are detailed and hypercritical. This was THAC. You only have 24 hours. It's not easy, and no THAC brickfilm is ever perfect. I know this when I write the detailed review. IF IT COULD BE PERFECT, what could have been added/changed/improved? When we think about all these details in retrospect, we are training ourselves to think about them the next time we make a film.

This one is hard for me to critique because I love it, the way it is. Wrylus McBurpen is one of my favorite characters that I've seen in brickfilms. He's wacky and absurd, but the pacing is a nice slow build to the conclusion. I love watching unimaginable horrors get dropped into his pot of... whatever it is he's trying to make. This time we're treated with an added bonus, a critic who threatens Wrylus' view of good cooking.

The animation is decent (a significant step up from the original Wrylus McBurpen episode) though our victim stagehand just has a single still image when he's laying on the floor, would have liked to have seen some animation there.

The lighting serves as illumination, but does nothing to create mood, it is however bright and clear, a common trait of cooking shows. I'd really like to see a logo for "Cooking With Wrylus McBurpen" and some titlebars along the bottom to show his name. Another thing you see on cooking shows is overhead shots down at the food so the audience can see the delicious food. We aren't treated to any of that.

The set is simplistic and could use a lot more Kitchen-Flavor. However, I do love the horrifying devices on the back wall that have no place in a kitchen.

With some more attention to color, you can make Wrylus stand out a bit more from the background rather than disappearing into it. Spenny on the other hand is a great contrast to the colors in the scene, which shows he's an outsider and doesn't exactly belong.

The voice audio really carries the character and mood of the story. Good voice acting with clever and funny dialogue (and voice actors who "get it" is a solid combination. I'm interested to know how you get the audio effect for Wrylus' voice.
The only critique I have of the audio is sparseness of sfx and no music. I saw you have music credited below the video, but I didn't hear the music at all. Needed some volume leveling.

The passive aggressive tone by Wrylus towards Spenny leading to the ending is great. Is Spenny an effort by the producers to kick Wrylus McBurpen out of his own cooking show? Will the next episode of "Cooking With Wrylus McBurpen" start with Spenny, but Wrylus comes back into the show with a vengeance after having lived on the streets for months? Perhaps his unorthodox cooking really gains a following by homeless people in the streets? Perhaps Wrylus has lost his mind and still believes he's on his own show despite living out of a box in a back alley, and he feeds the homeless people around him using his special recipes? Perhaps all of the above? I don't know, but I love it. I love all the possibilities.

I really do hope to see a third installment of Wrylus McBurpen. Great stuff, keep it up!