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[THAC XIV] The Sailboat


I'm a bit disappointed with the final result. The pacing feels a bit off as I was unable to film several scenes that would have served the story better. Anyway, I'm glad to have entered THAC again this year. It's always a blast.

EDIT: Fixed the link. Thanks BWJC.

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Really liked the water effects! Also, the lighting in the little house was quite nice. I wish I could have entered THAC, I've seen some very good entries and this is one of 'em mini/smile

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Really well done, I liked the voice acting, and the plot was easy to follow! Good job with the ocean as well.

NOTE: The youtube link goes to your channel, not the video itself, you may want to change that. The video is still easy to get to though.

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Re: [THAC XIV] The Sailboat

Ooh, I dig that house lighting. Shiny. xD

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Really liked the water effect and the lighting in the house.  Well done!