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[THAC XIV] Fancy That!


This is my collaboration with my brother, The Dyland Productions for the THAC XIV contest.

THAC even landed on my birthday this year... YAY! mini/smile

Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

This was a very fun video to work on. I'm glad it turned out the way it did, however, I still wish we had been able to give it a full soundtrack...

Perhaps we should make a director's cut later with added music and that deleted scene?

I'd like to see more adventures from these characters. I really like parody super heroes, especially when the comedy is in how seriously they can take themselves. mini/smile

Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

That was great!

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Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

I laughed... out loud.  The silly fun, camera quality, and aspect ratio brought be back, and the animation was fun an lighthearted. Clever horse.

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Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

This was a silly fun entry to watch. You should release more brickfilms dude

Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

Thanks for the comments, guys! mini/smile

My brother got a logitech quickcam pro 4000 for christmas and we've both been wanting to replicate the look of classic era films with it for some projects in the future. Because my brother wasn't able to film this year, he let me borrow it for this video.

I intend to make more videos in the future as well. Perhaps some with the classic camera too!

Re: [THAC XIV] Fancy That!

So, bit of a bump.

I like this one, the low camera quality, the jerky run cycle, and the odd story all bring back fond memories of classic brickfilms.
Great job recreating that tone and feel. As a collaboration, it's cool. As a collaboration between brothers, that's even more cool.
Most of the greatest brickfilmers have actually been teams, and even then, siblings seem to make the best partners. Keep it up!