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Interrogation(?)  (BRAWL 2016)


A detective named Wilkes gets quite a bit more than he signed up for when a murder suspect named S. Tink reverses the situation to an extreme extent...

Disclaimer: Robin and Deathstroke were never  in the script. So, yeah.

Re: [BRAWL 2016] Interrogation(?)

Oh wow that was weird.

But I enjoyed it! I got a bit confused for a second, but figured it all out again..... until the ending. I didn't figure that out mini/tongue

I really enjoyed the animation of the giant head thingy, that was neat. Keep it up!

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Re: [BRAWL 2016] Interrogation(?)

Thanks rio!

Yeah, I can't completely figure the end out either. I think the stress of having only six hours left to finish took its toll, so my ending went kind of insane. But that Robin impression is my pride and joy, so I needed to fit him in there somewhere... mini/wink

And as for the giant head: his name is Mr. Mod, and he's a living mod element. 'Nuff said.