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[THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event


Made for THAC XIII  Watch it on YouTube!

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Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

I can tell you were tired when you made this mini/lol  It was good though mini/smile

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Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

Nice one Wammy!

Glad to see you back animating again. Your films tend to have a charmingly random feel to them and this one is no exception. Hats off to you for animating real people as well. That's not an easy thing to do.

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Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

I really liked watching the Lego man experiment with the Lego stuff and your human animation was really well done. That was clever to have the caution sign in lego in the middle of all those bricks. I really hand it to you for even trying human animation because I know that can be really hard. Good work!

I gave you 5/5 rating

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Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

I think that this was a definite step in the right direction, well animated and a joy to watch. The music choice was excellent, making the actions seem grand, calculated, artful in a way. However, the end was somewhat sudden especially with the music and I felt that negatively affected the experience. Also, maybe next time try to make a larger effort to hide the nylon string that pulled the tower down, or even have your minifigure use a string of his own to pull it down. In addition, more effort could have been put into the title to make it more memorable. Regardless, I'm glad that you went through with making this and I hope that you make more films like this one in the future.

Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

Title isn't great, but I think this might be my favorite "minifig comes to life on a desk film" that I've seen. It really felt like a new being experiencing the world for the first time. I quite liked the cinematography, and

Spoiler (click to read)

the part where he "plays" the piano was a funny and surprisingly moving moment.

Very nice. mini/smile

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Re: [THAC XIII] A Peculiar Event

This was great. Seeing a minifig goofing around on a table is always fun. The human stop-motion was also really well done. I guess the visible string wasn't intentional, but I found it funny, and not out of place at all, so it worked. The musi was extremely fitting, and the minifig animation was very smooth. Can't wait to see what you do next!

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