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Market Mayhem [THAC XIII]


My entry into THAC XIII. I'm not entirely satisfied with how it turned out. At any rate, it's always a lot of fun to enter THAC.

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Re: [THAC XIII] Market Mayhem

I enjoyed the humour in this. I also liked the use of symmetry as it added to use of traditional slapstick comedy.

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Another well executed, stand-out minute-long THAC entry from you. This was a lot of fun to watch! The constant scared expressions made everything funnier, and there's something about the way he threw that fish that I love. Great!

Re: [THAC XIII] Market Mayhem

That was fun!  Simple, but well done. That bread throw, though.

Re: [THAC XIII] Market Mayhem

Thanks, guys! I appreciate the feedback.

Mighty Wanderer wrote:

That bread throw, though.

I think you mean: that bread throw, dough mini/wink

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Definitely one of my favorite entries! This was hilarious. mini/bigsmile

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Dunno why, but it was the bread throw and impact that really got me. Loved how you did the pie in the face too. the audience shot was great as well. This entry was just plain fun. Very nice! mini/mrgreen

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Re: [THAC XIII] Market Mayhem

This is excellent. I love it mini/smile

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Re: [THAC XIII] Market Mayhem

Really surprised this didn't make top ten. Definitely fits the bill for peculiar!