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One Universe Episode 4.

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Ben and Reed continue to argue.
Richard makes a discovery.

Re: One Universe Episode 4.

This was really great. The camera quality,sound,voice acting and animation were all done really well. The only thing I think you should work on are the characters' walks because they look like they are walking a bit too fast but in the end it didn't bother me much. Keep it up mini/smile

Re: One Universe Episode 4.

It was pretty good but, the microphone quality wasn't great. The animation was good, smoother than previous episode but it was very bland. There was lot's of just standing and talking. I would suggest having the characters doing something during a conversation like walking, fixing something, getting a cup of coffee... just as long as their doing something. The story was very good, though. Keep up the good work  mini/smile

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Re: One Universe Episode 4.

Thanks for the feedback.
Glad you liked it.