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In the fourth installment of the "Lego Superheroes?" series, the Flash is faced with a challenge when Mr. Freeze- uh, I mean Captain Cold, steals a precious jewel from a local museum! What treachery!


Jackson Trent/Indago55 as The Flash:
Legocloneaddict as Captain Cold:

Aubreystudios82 as Rob Jennings:

thebrickranger as Green Arrow:
TTLegofilms as the Cop: https

If a frame were worth a penny, I'd probably have like, $30 or something.

Re: The Lego Flash?

Your animation's great, and it was backed by decent humour. I thought this was really fun.

Meant to give this four stars but I'm on my phone and my finger slipped.
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Re: The Lego Flash?

Haha, that was pretty good! I like the concept of the film, the jokes were good, and the animation was fair. You could practice a bit on your easing. The effects were well done too. There's not much else to say, you did a good job. mini/smile

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