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Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

Easter Painter

Our entry for the Bricks in Motion Easter Contest 2015.

Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

I laughed the hardest at this one. Great punchline.

Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

Hahaha, that one was really funny, guys! Great job. mini/smile

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Great work, France and Alex! I enjoyed this. The animation was wonderful, it was well paced and very smooth. The music was also well fitting. May I ask if you painted that egg yourself? I like the design of it. mini/wink

Keep up the good work, guys. mini/smile

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Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

Thanks for your comments! mini/smile

rioforce wrote:

May I ask if you painted that egg yourself?

Yes, France painted that egg herself, but it's not a real egg; it's made of ceramic.

Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

I loved this. That final scene made me crack up. Awesome video

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This is one of my favorite entries for sure.

Too many Easter films follow similar, cliche, or predictable storylines, yet here you've done a great job pulling out an unexpected and beautifully executed twist. The punchline was hilarious, making this the funniest entry in my books.

Your set and animation are great, and you did a very good job with your use of the limited time.
The short felt perfectly paced, which is another rare accomplishment with EASTER.
Great job, thanks for entering, and congratulations on getting third place!

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Thanks for your kind words, Pritchard Studios! mini/bigsmile

Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

That was great. Wasn't expecting that, really. Awesome job!

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Re: Easter Painter [EASTER 2015]

Haha, that was great. Short, smooth, and had a great unexpected twist.