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Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

How did you have time to make a masterpiece like that? Some of it was way too random for me, but it all worked out. I wasn't sure what was going on at first, bu then I realized. I like the inspirational speech at the end, it brought me to tears (ok, not really, but I still liked it). The story was definitely unique, and all those brick-built effects were great too. I had a hard time understanding what a few characters were saying, but it didn't take away from the film at all.

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Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

Despite all the *poop* Brickfilms with the indeed growing uninspirational licensed characters used in it, we can look back at these classics and remember how great this hobby is and how more great can come out of it. And will.

Although SpastikChuwawa's Batman video ended all Batman videos.

I hope to return to this hobby someday
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Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

Five out of five bricks, for sure! I absolutely love this brickfilm, it's fantastic. Definitely one of my favoirte THAC entries.

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Wonderful film Max; who knew the Butcher of BiM has a soft side. When I saw the title, I was expecting something absurd and silly, but was surprised with something very meaningful. I'm not really sure what to say other than great work. mini/smile

Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

I thought the interview/monologue saved it, otherwise it would have been a mess to be perfectly honest. Very nice dialogue however.

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This was random, but had some nice dialogue at the end. The animation for the most part was smooth. There was some flickering. The fingers with the 'N's' were kinda awkward and in my opinion really didn't fit.  Though, for a THAC entry this was pretty good. Nice work Max. mini/smile

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Fantastic entry.  I love the brick animation and homage to The Magic Portal.  I just love the surreality (is that a word?) of it, with the minifigure going on his strange journey through this world.  Some of the Brickfilm references seem slightly forced, though it works well enough in the context of the film.  The monologue at the end feels heartfelt (I have to admit, I wouldn't have expected something like this from you).  The only downside is I can't understand what all the Licensed Characters are saying, aside from "run, run while you still have the chance".  Also, I felt the mod elements were thrown in in really obvious and somewhat jarring was, such as having black and blue 2x2s suddenly pop up in frame, which was a bit distracting at times--especially since it sometimes wasn't needed, due to the new mod element rules, and the minifig having the mod element.  Still, aside from these minor problems, really nice.

Probably your best film yet.

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Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

Out of all the entries I have seen until now, this is definitely the best. It is great not only as a THAC entry, to me, but also stands out as an amazing film.

It may look random at first sight, but after a second view it is clear that everything has a reason to be there. References are not forced, because they are explicit; the mod element had to be put in obvious ways, because that's something that goes with THAC: it has to be shown, it needs to be there, so why conceal it? It clarifies that this is only a brickfilm and tries to be nothing more (and yet, it is something more), with all it's imperfections: "webcam quality", light flickers, inaccurate animation (it even has hands that appear in frames), approximative sound editing, but with a surprisingly fitting and effective soundtrack, and impressive amateurish images... everything that makes a brickfilm feel Magical, something that has attracted all of us to this hobby: a magic that anyone can reach, all you need is a camera, some LEGOs, and imagination. It's not random, it's coherent, and actually follows a precise line of thought, one much more precise than it might seem. It's a journey through the History of Brickfilm.

It is the best entry I've seen because, while any other contestant tried to make something smart and witty, with a pun or a twist at the end, or a short meaningful story, this one was made with heart, as a love letter to this community.

Anyway, that's what I think I saw, and it was a wonderful view.

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I think I might frame your post, MPfist0. I'm actually crying.

I also deliberately emphasised the 'N' mod-element because the mod-element for the very first THAC was the letter 'N' - and Onorno was made for the first THAC. Since the BIM Documentary is underway, I thought I might as well do my own tribute to this hobby, and it seemed perfect to go all the way back to the first THAC during a THAC contest.

Mr Vertigo wrote:

The only downside is I can't understand what all the Licensed Characters are saying, aside from "run, run while you still have the chance".

"WE ARE UNINSPIRED. WE ARE BLAND. WE WILL DESTROY ALL THAT YOU CHERISH. RUN. RUN WHILST YOU HAVE THE CHANCE" (I knew I'd probably gone overboard with all the overlaid voices)

I'm not against romantic comedies as long as they 1) Do something original with the tired, dull formula that wrecks the genre, or 2) Just be genuinely funny. The same rules apply with licensed Brickfilms.

As for everyone who's surprised I ended on such a reflective note, I suppose you could say I had a

fresh start.

*holds arms out wide as audience boos and throws rotten food*

Max, She/They

Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

MPfist0 summed it up perfectly. This is a special brickfilm. You've captured so much in so little time, I truly admire the work you've created here. That opening shot was fantastic and set the tone really well, and I'm happy to see you continued the use of brick effects throughout. Every shot feels meaningful, and the film as a whole just feels genuine. The subpar camera quality works in your favour as it captures the visual quality of brickfilms of yore.

Always impressed by your work, Max. You've got a unique style that's very endearing and enjoyable.

Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

Incredible and fantastic. N can have time for a serious and touching monologue, and references to Onorno, iCitizen of the Year, and The Superhero. Best film of the year.

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Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

All the references made this film fun, as NXT has said you did a lot in very little time. I really enjoyed this and found it to be memorable, it's nice to see all the nods to both the films and, at the end, the community.

Re: [THAC XII] 'N'

Watching this film made me want to make a film that looks like this.  I feel inspired.  You've done such a wonderful job on creating such a surreal environment.  I even showed a non-brickfilmer friend this video and they liked it.