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[THAC XII] Waiting for a Fresh Start


I'm entirely anti-war, in case anyone has doubts. Sorry for the violence. It's not usually my jazz, but the film required it.

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Theme: A Fresh Start
Mod Elements: blue brick to black brick or letter N

I really liked the idea I had for this (obviously not an original one, but still) but the video turned out unfortunately lacking in technical aspects. I.e., the animation sucks. Oh well, haven't really animated since last THAC a year ago, so it was to be expected. Perhaps we'll reanimate it better someday soon.
In case anyone was wondering, everything was done within the 24 hours...sets, characters, sound.

Re: [THAC XII] Waiting for a Fresh Start

That was tragic. I didn't understand the story quite well either. Overall, I'd say it's a good film, but I'm against the violence part.

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Re: [THAC XII] Waiting for a Fresh Start

That was an interesting interpretation of the theme, quite like my own (quite a lot like my own), but it felt a bit disturbing, especially with the cycle. The animation was pretty good, a bit choppy in places, but it is hard to work around a set like that (and during THAC).

Re: [THAC XII] Waiting for a Fresh Start

I quite liked this one, especially because of the concept. The breathing and cyclic nature also contribute to the disturbing atmosphere, as Mighty Wanderer mentioned.

However, I may be alone in thinking that actually this film could have benefitted from more violence, as in a more grim depiction of the deaths, purely to drive home the theme of the horrors of war all the more effectively. Considering this is THAC, though, it's no big deal as there are rules about violence in entries.

One other small nitpick was the pacing. I felt as if things happened a little too fast, especially things like the boy appearing and then the other guy appearing with the gun. If you had slowed these events down, maybe had the army guy linger or contemplate for a moment before shooting for example, then not only could it have allowed for the audience to soak up the atmosphere all the more but once again further contribute to the disturbing nature and message.

Now I'm just being overly critical though, these are small minor points in an otherwise very interesting entry. I really like it.
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Re: [THAC XII] Waiting for a Fresh Start

Like a video game, I like the idea of respawning. Awesome work.