Topic: Mr. Grumpy Pants [Easter 2014]

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Mr. Grumpy Pants [Easter 2014]


I didn't get a chance to enter Easter last year, so I made sure to this year. Pretty happy with how it turned out, especially given the current limitation to my resources, being away at college and not having made a plan to enter when I had access to my full LEGO collection.

Re: Mr. Grumpy Pants [Easter 2014]

Simple, yet funny! Great entry.
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Re: Mr. Grumpy Pants [Easter 2014]

I gotta say, I haven't seen an entry like this yet. It's a clever idea, and like Arginnon said, your entry is "simple, yet funny". Great job, Carl! And, good luck to you in the contest!

Have you seen a big-chinned boy?