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Nattodesu | Chapter Two | Fire Dwells Within


Risa wa Nattodesu, the half-demon Necromancer, finds himself in Calais as a fire haired stranger explodes with magical energy. Attempting to unlock the memories of this man he accidentally frees a Demon with a hunger for death and destruction.

Re: Nattodesu | Chapter Two | Fire Dwells Within

Like the first part, I enjoyed this video. My only gripes would be that the animation isn't 100% (but then again, neither is mine mini/smile ) and you have a lot of effect shots, but they are a bit dodgy at times, which detracts from the overall film. What software do you use? It would be easier to give you advice if I knew, and I want to help since you've written quite a cool, original series. I mean, the whole thing reminds me of Hellblazer/Dresden Files, but these are your own characters and stuff, right?

Like I said, overall I like this.
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