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Nattodesu | Chapter One | Demons Desire


Risa Shohisuru is a regular, teenage, sorcerer's son living in the 1900's... However, a disturbance near the family tower firmly changes his fate.

NOTES: The mouth animation looks really awful and is misplaced a lot of the time, this is because my computer isn't good enough to run the preview in Vegas at full quality, so when I edit it all together it looks correct. However when I render it looks terrible, I apologise for the state of said mouth animation but please enjoy the film nonetheless.

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LOVED IT mini/bigsmile some of the most fun I've ever had voicing

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Very good, although there were a few issues which really detracted from your great story and animation.

The voice acting was good, but the distortion you placed on the Winds and on the Nattodesu made it impossible to hear what they were saying, especially on the Nattodesu. I missed loads of what was happening because I couldn't understand the demon.

Also, the explosion at the end was…bad. Sorry to be blunt, but the way you had just laid the effect over the still looked terrible - next time, try to actually integrate the stock footage with a brickbuilt explosion of debris, or digitally throw bricks everywhere. You should also try not to show the bottom of the explosion, as you can see that's the border of the footage and in your shot it was just hanging in mid-air. Considering how good the rest of your effects were, you could've done better. What VFX software do you use? It'd be easier to give you some pointers if I knew.

That said, overall it was a pretty good, solid brickfilm! I take it this is a series?
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