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What Was That? [THAC 11]


At the county fair, a strange object soars through the sky, and argument ensues over what the object was.My entry to BiM's Twenty-Four-Hour Animation Contest.  I must say the animation was pretty good, and my voice actors did great, but the story is not very original, and the dialogue doesn't make much sense, I don't know why, but it made much more sense when I wrote it.  Like the whole "gag overly used in the media", she was talking about flying saucers.  I suppose it would have made MUCH more sense if I used the word U.F.O.  Also, when the random audio was playing and the characters were making repetitive movements, they were arguing, but all it looked like was that they were just screaming out obnoxious noises.  Oh, well.  Hopefully the great voice acting and the "Don't Call Me Shirley" joke will save this film.

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The animation and the lighting weren't the best. But, the jokes made up for that. Good job overall, and congrats on completing your first THAC!

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