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Happy thanksgiving!
(or is it Christmas, I can't tell)

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My thoughts exactly. That's exactly what I thought about this morning while getting dressed. In fact, I was hoping to go through all of today without hearing a single carol on the radio...we'll see if I make it.

But, about the film: the animation was good, and I liked the set at the end. I'm glad someone actually got to make a film this week. I had the whole week off; yet I was just too lazy to get any filming done. I had a script typed up, and I even sent it out to my two voice actors. But, I just couldn't bring myself to animate anything. Shame on me! Shame...

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Re: Thanksgiving?

Love it! It's a great take on the whole pre-Thanksgiving Christmas trend. I also really liked the set design on the house.

Happy Thanksgiving! mini/smile

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@Mickey Thanks! I actually did this in 2 days due to my lack of motivation to finish a longer films before the end of the month.
@Walter Benson Thanks for posting about editing your thanksgiving film almost last minute (It motivated me to do an entire film last minute mini/lol ) I'm surprised about someone liking the set (I threw it together quickly then added decorations with sticky tack. Maybe I'm just not a fan of bright red buildings mini/tongue )

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Wow, well I should post about editing more often then! mini/wink

Seriously though, for doing it in 2 days right before a major national holiday, you did pretty impressive work!

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Yet I could still procrastinate! I only voice acted filmed one scene the first day and the next I spent at least 2 hours on the internet (though that did mean finishing all animation at 11:45 pm and finishing all editing at 1 mini/eek )

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Really liked it. I'm working on a Thanksgiving film myself (I'm european I know) and similarly it's based around a subtle joke. Good job man!

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I'll be back animating soon! Exams and computer faults are keeping me away </3

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Re: Thanksgiving?

I like subtle jokes mini/smile