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Saltman - Forever and Today [BRAWL 2013]


This is our entry for BRAWL 2013. Saltman becomes obsessed with his powers and pays the price.

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I absolutely loved this! The animation was smooth, the story was solid, and you got perfect voice actors!

Anyway, I subscribed.

no more brickfilming *sad face*.

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Thanks for your comment Pushover. We had a large ambition for this project, luckily it payed (sort of) off.

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There seems to be a problem with your video.  It looks like it's been squished or stretched.  You should probably find out what's causing that.

The length of this film is impressive, and you also had the courage to attempt a fight scene in BRAWL, I wasn't bold enough to try that.

However, there are several points where this film feels a bit odd, particularly in a shot near the beginning where those two alien guys were talking.  When the Greedo guy spoke, you didn't change the angle to look at his face, instead, you showed the back of his head.  You even had a shot where he was talking to the other guy and covering up the other guy.  I find it really awkward.
The dialogue also feels to lengthy throughout the entire film, and the script should've probably been edited to be quicker and more to the point, doing so would've also given you more time to focus on other details of the film without as much stuff to animate.

Brandon's voice is the highlight of the film.

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Since our editing program broke during BRAWL we were forced to use wmm which probably caused that aspect ratio problem.

We didnt shoot Frojos face because we ran out of lego to build another wall, and we couldnt take down the original building just to rebuild it.

The dialogue was (somewhat) necessary to portray Saltmans outlook of his heroics. While it may have been a bit draggy, there wasnt another way to otherwise properly display his emotions.

Thanks for your comment!