Topic: Super Power-Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge.

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Super Power-Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge.


This is a Montage of different Super Hero moves.I picked a selection of Super Power moves I did over half term and this is what I did.Enjoy mini/bigsmile

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Re: Super Power-Bricks in Motion Animation Challenge.

That was super! mini/tongue

It may have been better to post this in WIPs/Tests since it lacks any sort of plot and is simply a montage, but either way, it was done quite well.
The horse was quite original, and is a great concept.
And the rest were a bit more conventional, but still high-quality.

Will these some of these characters make it into the Cheese Man universe?
The dynamic between a goody-goody Cheese Man and an anti-hero Dynamite Man could really be quite explosive. mini/eh

There weren't any visible production flaws, and other than a total lack of story, it's great.
And just so you know, the animation could easily fit into a five-star movie, but because it's only a montage, and a short one at that, I didn't feel like it quite deserved four stars. Hope you understand!

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