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THAC X - Mr. Kane's Machine


My entry for THAC X.

Re: [THAC X] Mr. Kane's Machine

I love the mysterious feeling, aspecially the window scene at 0.08, that was great. Also very good voice acting. The only thing I can think of that was negative is that the music is a bit to loud sometimes. A very good film, one of my favourite THAC X entries.

Re: [THAC X] Mr. Kane's Machine

Man nice! You should make sequel parts or something like that of this short. Wow! mini/wink Yeah, I agree with Noobster Studios... the mysterious feeling is loveable!

Re: [THAC X] Mr. Kane's Machine

Mr. Kane's Machine is a film with great cinematography and animation. The story is a bit basic and leaves a lot to be desired, but all in all it's not bad considering this film is a THAC entry.